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Title The anthropology of the state : a reader. -
Publisher Blackwell
Size x, 410 p.
Year 20060000
Language eng
ISBN 978-1405114684
Series Blackwell Readers in Anthropology; 9
Subject Term Anthropology | Politics | State | Sovereignty | State agents | Civil society | Community-institutional relations | Ideologies | Governance | Political systems | Economics | Discourse | Corruption | Community development | Urban areas | Language | Protest | Militarisation | International intervention | Economic conditions | Immigration | Culture | Mass media | Power
Subject place universal | United States
Author Sharma, Aradhana (ed.) | Gupta, Akhil (ed.)
Contents Contents: Introduction: Rethinking theories of the state in an age of globalization; Part I: Theoretical genealogies: Introduction; Bureaucracy / Max Weber; State and civil society / Antonio Gramsci; Ideology and ideological state apparatuses (Notes towards an investigation) / Louis Althusser; Notes on the difficulty of studying the state / Philip Abrams; Governmentality / Michel Foucault; Governing 'advanced' liberal democracies / Nikolas Rose; Part II: Ethnographic mappings: Section I. Bureaucracy and governmentality: Society, economy, and the state effect / Timothy Mitchell; Finding the man in the state / Wendy Brown; Blurred boundaries : the discourse of corruption, the culture of politics, and the imagined state / Akhil Gupta; Section II. Planning and development: Cities, people, and language / James C. Scott; The anti-politics machine / James Ferguson; Section III. Violence, law, and citizenship: Making war at home in the United States: militarization and the current crisis / Catherine Lutz; Cultural logics of belonging and movement: transnationalism, naturalization, and U.S. immigration politics / Susan Bibler Coutin; The public/private mirage: mapping homes and undomesticating violence work in the South Asian immigrant community / Anannya Bhattacharjee; Section IV. Popular culture: Popular culture and the state / Stuart Hall; The banality of power and the aesthetics of vulgarity in the postcolony / Achille Membe; Index.
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