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Title Where there is no doctor : a village health care handbook. -
Publisher Hesperian
Size 29, 446 p. : ill.
Year 20090000 - Rev. ed.
Language eng
ISBN 0-942364-15-5
Subject Term Community health services | Health personnel | Nonprofessional personnel | Rural areas | Physical examination | Diagnosis | Treatment | Manual
Subject place universal
Author Werner, David | Thuman, Carol | Maxwell, Jane
Contents Contents: Introduction; Note about this new edition; Words to the village health worker; Home cures and popular beliefs; Sicknesses that are often confused; How to examine a sick person; How to take care of a sick person; Healing without medicines; Right and wrong use of modern medicines; Antibiotics : what they are and how to use them; How to measure and give medicine; Instructions and precautions for injections; First aid; Nutrition : what to eat to be healthy; Prevention : how to avoid many sicknesses; Some very common sicknesses; Serious illnesses that need special medical attention; Skin problems; The eyes; The teeth, gums, and mouth; The urinary system and the genitals; Information for mothers and midwives; Family planning : having the number of children you want; Health and sicknesses of children; Health and sicknesses of older people; The medicine kit; The green pages : the uses, dosage, and precautions for medicines; The blue pages : new information; Vocabulary : explaining difficult words; Adresses for teaching materials; Index; Dosage instructions for people who cannot read; Making medical reports; Information about vital signs.
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