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Shelf MON/2010.087
Title Obedience to authority : an experimental view. -
Publisher Pinter & Martin
Size xxi, 231 p. : ill., tab.
Year 20100000 - New ed.
Language eng
ISBN 978-1905177325
Subject Term Perpetrators | Psychology | Social psychology | Obedience | Power | Torture | Aggression
Subject place universal | United States
Author Milgram, Stanley
Notes First edition 1974
Contents Contents: Foreword [2009] / Philip Zimbardo; Preface; The dilemma of obedience; Method of inquiry; Expected behavior; Closeness of the victim; Individuals confront authority; Further variations and controls; Individuals confront authority II; Role permutations; Group effects; Why obedience? - an analysis; The process of obedience : applying the analysis to the experiment; Strain and disobedience; An alternative theory : is aggression the key?; Problems of method; Epilogue; Appendices: Problems of ethics in research; Patterns among individuals. Notes; References; Index

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