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Title Britain's Gulag : the brutal end of empire in Kenya. -
Publisher Pimlico
Size 475 p. : ill
Year 20050000
Language eng
ISBN 1-8441-3548-9
Subject Term Government | Human rights violations | Torture | Sexual abuse | Rape | Detention | detainees | Violence | Racism | Political opposition | Political violence | Killings | Colonialism | Detention camps | Kikuyus | Mau Mau
Subject place Kenya | United Kingdom
Author Elkins, Caroline
Contents Contents: Pax Britannica; Britain's assault on Mau Mau; Screening; Rehabilitation; The birth of Britain's Gulag; The world behind the wire; The hard core; Domestic terror; Outrage, suppression, and silence; Detention exposed; Epilogue; Appendix: The operating Pipeline circa January 1956; Note on methods; Notes; Bibliography; Acknowledgements; Illustration credits; Index
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